Applications for health and fitness in Nokia

Thanks to advances in recent times, smartphones have become small computers that can take anywhere, making them the perfect aid for those who want to stay healthy at all times.

This is because several companies have launched all kinds of very comprehensive applications for health care or to make a little sport and thanks to the smart phones we carry with us at all times.

This time we will focus specifically on applications for computers Nokia that can be found in Ovi But in the coming weeks we will try to offer other recommendations for other mobile platforms.

Here we give some the best health applications for Nokia.

Resolution 2011 Reminder

Although it has been over a month of 2011, still time to make some resolutions to change our lives during the year. This application is perfect for this as it constantly reminds us the goals we had and we can share them on Facebook.

Sports Tracker

This application is one of the busiest in the world by allowing instantly know the distance traveled or simply for a list of activities we have. Even we can calculate our heartbeat with the help of a transmitter.

Wellness Diary

For those who want to keep a diary of what we eat or do every day, Wellness Diary allows us to store all data for better control of what we consume every day.

The Vitamin Widget

Perfect for all fans of fruits and vegetables, this application is a database that offers information about the food we eat, including vitamins that contribute to our body.

Football Lite Speedhero

For those who prefer sports, walk Speedhero Football Lite allows you to calculate the speed of a ball by using sound-detection technology.