10 ways to upload photos to Twitter

Twitter is undoubtedly one of the best and most popular social networks as time allows us to communicate quickly and easily, you can also post videos and photos through applications.

So here I mention 10 forms and applications to upload photos to Twitter.
TwitnGo.com: This online application allows upload photos and post links to our Twitter account, so simple.

TwitC: This is a very comprehensive tool to organize, find, view, comment, share, embed, and favorite gathering all kinds of files, we can also photo sharing, Links and last but not least we can update our status on Twitter, MySpace, Facebook and other various social networks.

Img.ly One of the simplest ways share images on Twitter It will suffice to use your Twitter account to upload the photos from this application.

Picktor: This is an application multisocial is compatible with Facebook, MySpace, Friendster, Hi5 and Orkut, allows users to upload and manage your photos and send them to social networks, very practical and easy to use.

TwitgooOne of the most used in Twitter, that is easy to guess, it is easy to use, is free and does not take long for upload photos or images.

flick.to.twitt: This application allows you to upload photos to Flickr while automatically sends an alert announcing the new posted to your Twitter followers.

Smug Mug: This application is one of the more interactive, allowing share images on Twitter, FriendFeed, Facebook and Glass. Little known, but surely someone may find it useful.

TweetPhoto: Compartri photos in real time on Twitter TweetPhoto is possible, since you can share photos in real time using the application on the same platform Twitter, although it is the same for Facebook. You can use your data from Twitter and Facebook to create your account automatically.

TwitrPix: This application is becoming very popular among owners of smartphones, allowing upload and post pictures on Twitter from the cell phone, or from the browser and from the same email. Each message you send to Twitter with the image we can also add the 140 characters that Twitter allows.

Twitpic: The most used application in up Twitter images question, can upload images from your cell phone or from the browser easily and using your Twitter account to do so.