Open two sessions at once in Windows Live Messenger 2011

MSN Plus does not work with WLM 2011, instead you must download the extension A-Patch to start two or more sessions at once.
Follow these steps:

Close your session WLM 2011

Sign in to this page:

In the "A-Patch for Windows Live Messenger 2011", click on the "Download Now" to download the file. Zip

Unzip the file and hit double-click the executable file A-</ gras> Patch143b16.exe </ gras>

In the window that opens, select "Patch Messenger" and click "Next"

Check the "Polygamy (Multi-MSN) and click on" Apply "

Finally click on the "Exit", will open the window of WLM.

Log in with one of your accounts

To open another session at the same time, right click on the icon of WLM in taskbar and select "Windows Live Messenger." You log in and go!