I can not receive files via bluetooth on Samsung Galaxy Tab


I can send but I can not receive files via bluetooth on my Samsung Galaxy Tab, what I can do?


What you have to do is:


Check that your Bluetooth is active tab Galaxy

In the Home screen, "Press the" Menu (left of home)> Settings> Wireless and Networking> Bluetooth Settings "

Make sure the check mark is green

Link to the other device

In the Bluetooth devices found, click "Link to this device" for the device you want to link

In connection prompt window, enter a code of 4 numbers or letters eg 1,2,3,4 (no commas) and click "OK."


The other device receive the application for attachment, you must accept it and then enter the same code you entered (1,2,3,4)

Once the link below the name of the other device will appear "Linked"


And presto! Now you can receive files via bluetooth from the device
If, after linking the two devices still can not receive files via Bluetooth, the tablet off and back on.