Linux Reader: View Ext2/Ext3 partitions in Windows with this software

In Windows, the file system is NTFS, but Linux Ext2 and Ext3 work with, which means they are different "languages" or treatments for. For that reason, some want to see files on Linux partition in Windows is impossible because we do not support both file systems. And so I recommend using Linux Reader.

Linux Reader is a Free program has been designed by Disk Internals, which I liked and that is why I share with you. First, it is available only in English, but that's no problem, then, the interface that works is similar to Windows Explorer. Software is compatible with Windows 7, Vista, XP, etc., Only 32-bit PC.


In my tests, I've noticed that you can not modify files in the partition and that is because they are read-only, but the good thing is that we can copy these files to your hard drive, where we have Windows. Linux Reader not limited to Linux partitions, then, also read partitions, storage units FAT, NTFS or flash disk.

It is equally important to note that Linux Reader has a common task, or a paragraph in the details, just to the left of your interface, which lists specific information that you select File, and if you select a picture, shows a thumbnail of the same . It's actually an excellent free tool.

So you know, enthusiastic friends who have Ubuntu or any Linux distributionIn your PC, Linux Reader can see Linux partitions files easily on Windows. Web link | DiskInternals Linux Reader