Rizone's Power Tools: Optimizer hard drives and memory

The RAM and hard drive, 2 key components of our computer that we can not make their respective preventive maintenance from time to time, that way we can ensure that your computer is always in top condition.

And here I present Rizone's Power Tools, Free application for high-powered Windows that allows you to perform various maintenance and optimization.

Both the RAM (physical / virtual) as the hard drive can be optimized with this tool no problem; Rizone's Power Tools includes a special module for memory through which you can view the current memory consumption, and optimize (or release) as well.


Rizone's Power Tools also has a module for hard disks on which lets you choose the partition you want to apply different operations such as formatting or the famous "format" check in search of errors, defrag and optimize, etc.

In the application menu you will find direct access to utilities such as cleaning the print queue blocked, repair dead pixel on the screen, just as access to various Windows applications such as shell or process manager. Rizone's Power Tools is completely English, does not require any installation. Web link | Rizone's Power Tools