iSpy: Free software (system) of your webcam video surveillance

I've always dreamed of having a CCTV system in my home as I have almost always fear that at some time in unwanted people can enter it and that is why iSpy is a program that comes in handy for me, of course, an option that we can expect efficient outcomes based on the webcam to be reckoned with.

Is a Free program for Windows 7, Vista, XP, etc. required. NET Framework to function properly. iSpy is open source, So that its source code is available to download it and smelt (if you are software developer) and the installation process involves installing a codec Windows Media Player.


Its operation is very broad. iSpy uses the webcam installed on your system, to make it, a video surveillance system. The software has the ability to detect sound, if you have a microphone enabled and installed on your computer, as well as movements of the webcam video. When you have some kind of novelty, you can send notifications.

iSpy allows us to access and manage web camera (or rather, video, real time) from our mobile devices (like the iPhone, Android and Windows 7 mobile), and has the ability to manage multiple teams and multiple webcams at the same software. And if this were not enough, you can record the webcams activity (highly recommended).

It can be configured to run a specific program or send an SMS to a mobile phone when it detects movement or sound, and receive images of what's happening in real time, ie, screen shots, directly to your e- mail, of course, image files to be attached. iSpy is a powerful security software. Web link | iSpy