NovaBench: Test your computer's performance, knowing specific details

I like to know what I have, and although in my computing life, I have made mistakes (or what many call: laziness), installing Windows 7 32 bits on a computer with 4GB of RAM (obviously, I take only 3GB of RAM, the other 1GB of RAM I'm throwing but many of the Free programs Computer Blog are presented only for 32 bit and I meet all the needs of users, I find it difficult at times) but sometimes I reflect.

Reflecting such powerful tools as NovaBench, A free software for Windows, although it is available only in English, I think it offers an ideal way to know what we have in our computer, what their performance and of course the score. What that allows me to know the program? Simple and concrete: the performance of your computer.


NovaBench Advances / rigorous diagnostic tests the following components:

  • Test floating-point integers: arithmetic tests that verify the ability of PC
  • MD5 hash speed: A test that checks the processor response time
  • 3D Graphics Test: Testing graphics card with a 3D scene to a large extent
  • RAM Memory Speed: Test the speed of reading and writing
  • Write speed of the hard disk: rigorous test for our hard drives

With all this evidence, NovaBench ensures that the user can get an idea of what and how you maximize the performance of your computer. The program requires that you close all applications for the process much more reliable, which credited here.

Moreover, NovaBench allows you to create a public profile in your Score or punctuation. My HP Pavilion Notebook DV6 was in a more or less interesting. To have a blog profile as the Computer, registration required. With that information, you can compare your computer with other geeks. Probably, I will provide motivation to buy a new computer. Download NovaBench