How to share a folder in Dropbox

Dropbox is one of the sites that we use to store files online and offers several storage options as the fact of keeping personal files and folders to make some public and share with those we choose. Sharing is easy and only need to follow these simple steps.

First you must access the Dropbox on your internet browser, and once they access Try clicking on the tab Sharing, then click on the button will Share a folder.

Then you will have the option of sharing a new folder that you create or share an existing one, in this case is an existing one, then give click Next.

Select the folder and give click Next again.

Finally enter the address of people you want to share folders, and if you want a personal message to let you know that you are sharing that folder.

In this way, they can share as many folders so that they can synchronize wish both you and your contacts the files in those folders.