Character Bear, the bear will read the tweets

Tweets (messages sent through Twitter) Are easy to read, that's for sure, since they have a limit of characters is amazing. However, if we can save some quick reading and a bit of time, we will not be those who oppose it.

In this connection, and from Japan, Presents a curious bear toy that will synchronize our twitter account and inform us of all the messages you receive, read them if we want.

This is the Bear Character, And is manufactured by the Japanese company WiZ, Who stated in the press Japan's popularity Twitter has a dramatically increased worldwide, so they are willing to take advantage of all the ways you can think of. This product works with the use of an application that can be installed in iPhone Apple and on any computer.


Had originally been created to read tweets only in Japanese, but the guys in the Wall Street Journal have tested it and say it also reads quite well in English, failing only in very specific cases. Is whether it will also be able to read tweets in Castilian.

Its price is $ 28, about 20 euros to change.