Cheats for Spore

Here are some tips for Spore The life simulation developed by Maxis, The studio behind The Sims. In the game, simultaneously press CTRL, SHIFT and C to bring up the cheat console. Type setConsequnceTrait in it and then leave a space and enter the following codes to change the nature of your creature or your tribe.

cell_carnivore: your creature is carnivorous

cell_herbivore: your creature becomes become herbivorous

cell_omnivore: your creature becomes become omnivorous

creature_social: your creature adopts a social

creature_aggressive: your creature adopts an aggressive

creature_mixed: your creature character adopts a semi-social, aggressive mid-

tribe_social: your tribe adopts a social

tribe_aggressive: your tribe adopts an aggressive

tribe_mixed: your tribe adopts a character half-social, aggressive mid-

To add as many parts as you want your creature to the body, type freedom in the same console.