How to Recover your Stolen/Hacked Hotmail Account

If you ever receive a strange email any contact you do not know then you should take the following steps to retrieve your Hotmail account before it is stolen.

How to recover your Hotmail account has been stolen

  1. Enter on Solution Center Windows Live.
  2. If you still can access your Hotmail email so you must change your password as soon as possible.
  3. If you can not access your account it means that your password has been changed but if the create your Hotmail account establish a mobile number required to log in Hotmail You can use this safety feature to recover your account. Hotmail will send you a new password to your mobile phone number via SMS.
  4. If you still can not access attempts to reset your password by secret question or by an alternate email address.
  5. If you still could not get your account using the steps above then you should enter Web to Windows Live validation where you must fill in all information requested this to prove you are the owner of that account and thus able to recover, this procedure lasts about 48 to 72 hours.

With these data if you were the victim of a malicious person can hope retrieve your Hotmail account has been stolen.