MiniTuner, tune the guitar sound

MiniTuner is a free application we can use to bring into harmony our guitar.

Not all have a refined musical ear, and although we encourage you to play some songs from time to time, always fall in some other tune our guitars because they know how.

There are many recommendations for tune a guitar, There are many videos on YouTube that teach us these methods, but it always seems easier than it really is.


At least in my case I could not make my guitar has good sound following the instructions I've seen. My real solution has been used MiniTuner.

MiniTuner is a free application that enables us to give our guitar chords to tune or harmonize appropriate. MiniTuner is very easy to use. Once the program is running, MiniTuner We will display a musical note for us to play against your computer microphone.

If the sound is right, MiniTuner we will indicate on screen, but will insist that we play the right note.