How To Change Internet connection/DNS - Windows

Many times we face the problem that our internet connection turns out to be a bit slow or We just our ISP blocking the connection to certain servers where Web pages hosted some.

If that is you have 2 easy solutions, one is to call your ISP service provider and make a claim for bad service or just testing DNS change your Internet connection In my case I had problems with my internet connection and have resorted to using the Google's public DNS which of course I will show how to change DNS on your Internet connection using Windows.

How to change DNS on Windows 7.

I am currently using Windows 7 therefore this guide is based on, Just as the procedure is the same in other systems such as Windows Vista and Windows XP.

  1. We went to our network hub in this select our network we are using now and then we click on properties.
  2. After we select the protocol TCP/IPv4 and click on properties.
  3. In this window, proceed to assign Public DNS or the DNS of our ISP.
  4. Finally click on "OK ou Ok" then close and with it we've changed the DNS of our system.