How To Surf on Internet safely

The security company Trend Micro celebrated the eighth edition of International Day for the Internet safe Publishing a series of tips for all new recruits to the cloud have a safe experience.

Within we find the following tips:

  • Do not open emails from strangers and verify the authenticity of messages.
  • Do not follow links unverified. Particularly dangerous in social networks where users let their guard down.
  • No download files no pages that come from questionable or unsafe sources
  • Never access financial pages or other sites that require confidential information from the mobile phone. This allows easy access for cybercriminals to steal money and personal information.

On the other hand, the Spanish Agency for Data Protection has also published a series of tips, specially dedicated to children:

  • Minors must be informed about the dangers of the Internet. Warning them not to share any information with strangers. Must be properly informed, using language that facilitates understanding.
  • Should access the network through "Custom settings

It is critical that parents be informed and try to guide their children as soon as possible, as there are many dangers lurking on the Internet. In times like these is very difficult not to join the network, one must know how.