Distorts your voice in Messenger, Skype and other with MorphVOX

Has not the past that sometimes want distort your voz so you do not know in a chat with a stranger, to record a video, a song or playing a prank on your friends?

To this end I present MorphVOX, A fun program that lets you distort your voice to a woman, a man or modification known as "squirrel". Program is a lightweight and easy to use. You only need a microphone connected to your computer and once installed the program you have to configure it with your voice reading a text you have and tell you if the volume of Microphone is correct.


Once everything is set you must select an effect and record your voice with the message you want. The great thing about this application is that you can add on programs like Messenger, Gtalk, Skype and some games like World of Warcraft. It is a program which in its free version is limited in the amount of effects it offers.