5 opinions Bluetooth transfer files from PC to mobile (cell)

Bluetooth technology allows the transmission of data wirelessly between devices that have Bluetooth.
If you want to go through files on a PC Bluetooth to mobile phone, the first thing you do is check that they have Bluetooth. Download: I know if my laptop has bluetooth
After checking has Bluetooth, pair the two teams:

  • In our PC, go to "Start (bottom left)> Control Panel> Devices and Printers." Here we click on "Add Device"
  • Select the device (mobile phone) and click on "Next"
  • It sent a message to the mobile phone connection, accept and enter the pairing code.
  • Then accepts the connection request, waiting while installing the device driver and voila!


Transfer files from PC to your Bluetooth mobile

  1. Right click on the file you want to send and select "Send to> Bluetooth"
  2. Then select the mobile phone and send it.
  3. The mobile phone will receive a message asking for their acceptance to receive the file. Once accepted begin the transfer.