Art Gallery by Google

Google wants to bring the world's great museums to the homes of people who do not have physical access to them. For that creates Google Art Project, a large virtual gallery of major museums throughout the world.

With a new site offers visitors a great virtual tour, using the technology of service Street View coupled with the ability to build private collections and images of very high resolution.

Most major galleries for some years been promoting the dissemination of their works online, but experts said at the opening ceremony held in London that the Google search site to bring the experience of online art to another level.

"The service can change the game," said Julian Raby of the Freer Gallery of Art, one of the 17 participating galleries.

Nelson Mattos, vice president of engineering at Google said the site Art Project will allow children in Latin America, India and Africa have a more realistic experience.

All this because the children of these continents do not have access to see the originals of these great works.

"This represents a major step forward in the way in which individuals are integrated with art from around the world", added Mattos claiming that Google plans to expand the site over the years.

Curators at the launch said they are confident that no matter how technology advances since the actual visits to museums never going to be replaced by this project.

"Obviously we do not believe that this technology will lead to people not to go to museums"

"We hope that the opposite happens,"

Raby bet Art Project come to offer a new variety and experience in the observation of virtual art.

Museums until they were obsessed with information and what Google Art Project is an experience provides real emotional, "Touch" and leads us to another point of view.

Likewise, this idea does not emerge as an alternative to visiting a museum but as an encouragement for people to then go to see live performances.

But no doubt those who do not have the money to travel and see the museums that option really is amazing and here we see a video description.

Among the participating galleries are:

Uffizi in Florence
Palace of Versailles in France
Kampa in Prague
Van Gogh in Amsterdam

Among other museums affiliated with this project.