Vertu: Ferrari Special Edition

When we speak of luxury phones Vertu manufacturer is perhaps the most sought by celebrities and millionaires around the world. Not only because of their quality but for their special editions, in many cases integrating global fashion brands. In this case we have a special version Ferrari.

The luxury brand launched this phone in partnership with Ferrari, the limited edition will have only about 2,000 copies the previous version cost about $ 25,000.

It is probably a mobile phone for those who have in the garage of his home a Ferrari not only by the name of it but for the cost which comes to $ 30,000.

Vertu for those who do not know is the premium line of mobile phone maker Nokia and we are constantly preparing for this type of publication.

Vertu Ferarri

Now throw another mobile again in partnership with the Italian, the Vertu Ascent Ti Ferrari has 3G coverage, liquid crystal display, titanium structure with red and yellow.

On the back we see the famous horse of the brand and also a termination hand-stitched leather like the great Italian car.

Vertu phones are accustomed to luxury launch in partnership with famous brands and this is not the first time we see him with Ferrari.

The price of this new model has not yet been disclosed but the previous version came out about $ 25,000 and it is thought that the new version will come out about $ 5,000 more.

When we find this limited edition phone only in 2011 copies.