iPhone now available in Verizon

The iPhone 4 will start selling in Verizon from February 2 to those who are already on your network, and from February 10 to those who are not users of your network, plan to 2 years from the $ 200 USD for the 16GB model and $ 300 USD 32GB.

With this announcement, Apple apparently hopes to win a little more ground and reach more users, as Android being open has had more market penetration. In addition, this news may be the beginning of a change in attitude that has kept Apple for a long time and start being a little more open to small changes. In this case the iPhone was to CDMA, which not long ago we thought it would happen.

IPhone Antenna Verizon also had some minor modifications. Probably just the settings required for CDMA, so it's not a redesign (at least publicly) to the "problem" of the signal.

A curious fact of Verizon's CDMA network, is that it supports voice and data simultaneously as the GSM version, which means that within a call you will not be able to use internet.

As for the SO, the big news here is that the iPhone will be able to work as a WiFi bubble up to 5 concurrent users, which is a standard and some phones with Android, but Apple had kept to a computer via USB.