Google Goggles is updated and solve sudoku

Google Goggles as we know is an application that makes it easy to search through images taken by a camera phone. You can recognize places, covers of books or films, bar codes and return valuable information about them. This time Google has upgraded this application to version 1.3 which brings significant improvements and other things for other curious.

Well then Google Googles has significant improvements in their capabilities are known and now include recognition of advertisements in print, so show us the specific product information published in major U.S. magazines, this function as we see, is something experimental and its success depends on several factors and that otherwise could become a function only anecdotal.


The function that greatly surprised us is the ability of the application to help you solve your Sudoku puzzles. Well, you just have to focus the camera and get a picture sudoku Google Goggles in question and show us the solution, which is quite nice that bails out on occasion.

The new version of Google Goggles is only available for Android and you can download right from the Android Market. Users of the iPhone application will have to wait for these new features, but probably will sooner or later with them.