Banshee is the new default player in Ubuntu 4.11

In Canonical lately have been designed and made many changes to both the interface (such as a change to the interface used only Unity before Netbook version) software as the default view to the new version also known as Natty 11.04 Narwhal. Other changes such as replacing the new Open Office Free Office, changing the image manager who now manages Shotwell or the inclusion of Empathy as multi-messaging client.

Well Banshee now turn to replace the legendary Rythmbox multimedia player included in Ubuntu and some of its other desktop versions.


Banshee has great features like integration with, Wikipedia, synchronization with a lot of players and mobile devices such as iPods, iPhones, Android phones and other handheld players.

Supports editing of the covers of audio files, the file information as well as to subscribe to podcasts both audio and video.

With all this, Ubuntu users are facing a large wave of changes that seem to have no end, everything is for the benefit of the user. Note that the Ubuntu free nature allows us to revert the changes simply uninstalling and installing the player you want.