Short battery life on Nintendo 3DS

As discussed in the network from a few hours ago, it seems that Nintendo is facing a serious problem in the development of portable 3DS. Everything points to add three-dimensional viewing without glasses, the way wireless link between Consoles And wireless updates, will directly affect the duration of Battery machine.

Satoru Iwata, head of the company, has recognized this problem and mentioned that it is inevitable.


"It is inevitable that Nintendo 3DS is a device that requires more frequent loads Nintendo DS. " Mentioned that to solve this problem include a loading dock with each console to be sold in stores. Ideally, we are told, is that we get used to position the console above the loading dock each time you get home after a day of work or school in which we could use the machine at any given time.

In any case, users will be in the end decide whether it is worth this effort, or if Nintendo should rethink what to do with your hardware. In late February next year Nintendo 3DS Japan will know the answer.