Casio calculators revolutionized the Prizm

Recently the boys from Texas Instruments introduced the Calculator graphics, adding touchpad to model TI-Nspire. But now comes Casio, A ubiquitous business in this sector and shows a new calculator model, even more advanced.

This is the Prizm, Calculator in the most revolutionary technology that offers graphic and visual system, but with a color screen in high resolution.


The above screen is 3.7 inches with image size 384 x 216 pixels, and according to its creators, is perfect for displaying letters and numbers as if we were watching a traditional textbook. This way we will try to get the most familiar and natural for a device with these characteristics.

On the other hand, Calculator includes USB connectivity, 16MB of flash memory, and a battery that guarantees the use of the device for 140 hours. Unfortunately, all this bad news is that the calculator Casio The Prizm, it will go on sale officially until January of next year 2011. When you reach North American stores will cost $ 129.99, about 94 euros to change.