Bookstack, a very effective way to save websites for later reading

There are many ways to store websites and content to read later, which is becoming more necessary as time seems to be ever more scarce. We have known several such Read it Later, Notes for Later or Send to Instapaper But now we know one that seems much more effective.

It is Bookstack A Firefox extension that allows us store web sites for further reading, Which stored in a subfolder among our favorites. And so we can use on a single computer (eg at work, where we have less time to get to read) and still keep everything in sync with our other computers via other channels already available as Firefox Sync.


It is also interesting design, it can be used as a sidebar to which drag our sites or blogs that want to store, but we can also add bookmarks in the conventional manner, keeping them in the folder you created Bookstack. Another interesting aspect is to remove a site from the bookmarks automatically when we visited, which of course we can modify your preferences to not happen.

More information and download: Bookstack