GoodReader adds support for PDF annotations

GoodReader is a file viewer for iPhone and iPad which we have already spoken, which offers display TXT files, PDF, Office, HTML, iWork, high resolution or even audio and video files, and in its most recent update added the support for annotations, One of the top Requests of its users.

With this new feature users can write to those files in handwritten form and mark or highlight certain parts of them to highlight them to find them easier (for example, if you then go to study in these notes). All these additions can be stored within the original file or as a separate file but linked to it, an option that can be useful if everyone already have a copy of the file and just want to send our view.

New in this version of GoodReader is the ability to select text in a PDF file and copy it to clipboard, then use it to any other application.

GoodReader still costs 99 cents, as usual, but the developer has already announced that soon the price will rise to $ 2.99, because of the increased functionality that has been (and will) add.

More information: GoodReader