Twitter has announced that the problem of security flaw is resolved

Twitter has been hijacked by a young boy in Australia , aged 17 , he modified an idea from another user (a Japanese developer ) , who used a code related to JavaScript, to its tweets color .

Twitter users were directed to sites pornographic Asian ! Thousands of accounts were affected, one of the media is that of the wife of former British Prime Minister , Sarah Brown, who was left " defaced "with advertisements for pornographic sites , posted automatically as they came from the user himself .

Worms in the mini -messages exploiting a security flaw Twitter, and frequently used, can bring up a website third in a new window, and having the effect of triggering the opening of advertising unwanted even without clicking , just passing the mouse over links.

There is obviously the risk that cyber criminals direct traffic to infected sites or spammers multiply advertisements.

Computer experts advised against squarely going on the official website In contrast, external programs , like Tweetdeck or Seesmic , which allow you to use the Twitter network without going through the site, did not seem affected by this problem .

Twitter announced on Tuesday that the personal data of registrants have not been affected and that the attack was identified and the problem is resolved.