Google is celebrating its 12th anniversary

Google is celebrating its anniversary with others, with a pretty Doodle , representing a cake and a candle which replaces L Google, designed by American artist Wayne Thiebaud.

Google was created on based 4 September 1998 in Silicon Valley , California , by Larry Page and Sergey Brin. But it is September 27 that the search engine as officially launched.

A researcher once said the Internet that if , before the arrival of the Internet, finding information was like finding a needle in a haystack , it is now as looking for a needle in a pile of needles.

This researcher has probably made this statement before the arrival of Google and new search engines, because the fact is that a lot of information that once required hours of consulting directories and visits to libraries , can now be in a few seconds with Google.

Control and a thorough knowledge Google requires of knowing how to use are many search tools . Know everything he is capable of not only facilitates the search for information , but also greatly improves your optimization techniques.

Happy Birthday Google

Find everything with Google


Google offers a variety of search functions more or less advanced , that many users do not know. Most of us use the basic function of Google, by typing one or more words in the search field .

Although this search most fundamental is the quotation mark ( " ) . You use it when you are looking for an exact phrase , rather than words in random order.

Try for example to type the following sentence into the search field: find a friend on the Internet.

You might find what you want, but you will also see much reference to pages where words are fragmented.

If you want to force Google to consider every word of phrase , enclose it in quotes. The research will be more accurate .

You can also use this method to seek more formulations accurate . In this case, you wrap each formulations quotes.

Google has for some years the search engine number one in the world.

Happy Birthday Google !