Tips and tricks for lose weight or how to lose weight?

The primary motivation for engaging in a plan must be for you and you alone to get out of the comparison: you are unique , your body is unique and well -being through reconciliation with oneself .

The best ally to lose weight : the time

To successfully lose weight, the first factor is to allow time to gradually lose the pounds that we no longer want . It is about respecting her body , take care of yourself and be consistent with the choice of the transformation so that it operates in harmony.
Losing weight properly can not be seen by eating everything. Eat well is to have a balanced diet.
It is important to be accompanied by a specialist who will give you the guidance and monitoring necessary to ensure that your plan is not a source of deprivation and danger to your health.
The plan is a start to a healthy diet . Without this overarching objective of rear-ender eat well , the plan do serves not only to nothing but is usually a source of weight regain and the famous yo-yo effect .

The 10 tips and rules to lose weight and lose weight

  1. A day balanced consists of three to four meals : breakfast , lunch , dinner and possibly a snack.
  2. Do not skip meals
  3. Eat in a calm and seated
  4. Have a physical activity, banish physical inactivity : done 20 minutes of daily walking
  5. Climb the stairs rather than taking the elevator , do not take the car for short trips
  6. Make your shopping list in advance to avoid temptations last minute
  7. Learn to read labels with the composition of products to choose
  8. Choose food base rather than products designed for both your nutritional balance for your budget
  9. Do your shopping at the market at least once a week, this allows :

- a variety of fresh local produce
- direct contact with producers
- An approach to food fun and educational with your children
- physical activity outside