Sony NSX- 46GT1 , the first television with Google TV

So far, little is known of Google TV not going to know the companies that cooperate in the draft (Google , Intel , Sony and Logitech ), which already exists adapter for use Google TV on any television: Logitech Revue and Sony prepares TVs with Google TV call Sony Internet TV.

In the past technology fairs has shown a television Sony with Google TV running on a demo, but at a distance and showing no specific models. But that is just the filtered images that we bring you below.


Moreover , we offer the name of the first model of TV Sony with Google TV: Sony NSX- 46GT1. A television that at first glance is similar to the rest of the market , but contains within it a computer all in one , because as we said, integrates all a nettop inside and all kinds of connections, decent PC games .

The Sony NSX- 46GT1As we see in the image, features a port USB , four HDMI ports, An Ethernet port and a series of connections audio digital and components. The specifications do not reveal whether the Sony NSX- 46GT1 includes connectivity wireless , but I guess that is something we should take for granted. sony-nsx-46gt1-tv

We also know that the first television Sony with Google TV include a processor Intel Atom C4100 to run the version Android optimized to control the interface that will allow us to surf the Internet, watch YouTube videos , TV shows and series TV channels like CNN , CNBC, etc .

The price Sony NSX- 46GT1 not yet known, but I guess the consortium surrounding Google TV will thought offer the product at a low cost in order to expand its business model worldwide .