Wii Remote Plus for Nintendo Wii is official

A few days ago we advance information which has now been confirmed by Nintendo. And in the same conference where the company has unveiled the price of Nintendo 3DS and games that they will be the first day of sale, it was confirmed that the company is about to launch a new command for Wii called Wii Remote Plus.

Wii Remote Plus is , as Nintendo. A review of the current Wii Motion Plus , although this time they have done well and managed to keep the functions of the Motion Plus with the size of the Wii Remote.


The Wii Remote Plus come in four colors : white , blue , black and purple , although so far no have been dates sold in Japan or in Europe. the Wii Remote Plus will be compatible with all games that currently work with the Wii Motion Plus.

About price Wii Remote Plus neither has spoken at the conference, but some languages and talk about cost around 49 euros .