The launch PSP2 Sony is near

Not long ago began to create a hype on the development of Sony PSP2, Revision and patch failure PSP GO you have to deal , not only with Nintendo 3DS, but also with new smart phones like the iPhone or other devices Android , which slowly eat handheld consoles lifetime.


Now, after months of inactivity , an interview with Netherrealm Studios (creators of Mortal Kombat) reveals important information about the new PSP. And that is their executive producer (Shaun Himmerick ) claims a PSP2 in their studies, provided by Sony to begin work on the potential and the new features of the console.

According Himmerick , PSP2 looks to be a machine very powerful lets you play games at 60 fps. On the other hand, the same operator stated that they had the opportunity to work on Nintendo 3DS, being a console itself is announced.

Although this information is to be taken with caution, it appears that many developers already have a prototype Sony PSP2, And soon (probably early 2011) could see the first pictures of the Sony console .