RIM confirms QNX replace BlackBerry OS soon

The Devloped Conference 2010 continues to talk about , is that many who follow the presentation Blackberry Playbook with a different operating system than we know in the whole range of phones smart RIMWe went through the mind that definitely it should be the only engine that drives all devices in the enterprise.

Obviously I was not unique in thinking, rumors ran through the web and RIM finally confirmed through its Vice President. QNX OS will be the next engine of devices RIM and has it all : stability, Security and quickly. Who knew that when RIM bought QNX, which originally was used only for automation equipment and management and control for autonomous devices , were no longer giving some clues.


QNX is able to support HTML5 , Flash, edition 3D OpenGL / ES and large number of standards putting in an advantageous position compared to other systems mobile operating . On the other hand, users RIM avoid restart your computer when you install / uninstall a new application. C'mon, it's time to renew the obsolete Blackberry OS it only serves to crash, and into reality : the world touchscreen.

This no doubt RIM wants to do well, It is time to change that , though I'm sure soon overcrowded, give good results. It is still unknown if there will be a full transition of all devices when it launches in new OS , or, if only available to new models.