Final dates and new data for the launch of Nintendo 3DS

Nintendo is expected to Nintendo Conference 2010 to official all information regarding your new handheld , the great hope for Nintendo to regain the top spot in portable game machines , since they now seem to maintain iPod Touch.

Although said at first that Nintendo 3DS would be available for the November 11 in Japan , it seems that the information is completely wrong , the date will be delayed until February 26, 2011 for Japanese release , this being the first country in which it will sell exclusively for a few weeks . Its price is 25,000 Yen. Around 220 euros or almost $ 300 and include an memory card SD 2GB.


The launch in America and Europe will have to wait several weeks , is common in the world of video game consoles , especially Sony and Nintendo and that they Japan will always be the first country to launch the great innovations , came with the earlier Nintendo DS , Wii, PSP or PS3. In this case Americans and Europeans will have to wait until March.

What's new in the console

There are a couple of developments in Nintendo 3DS you need to know , for example, the new wireless capabilities for exchanging games other console identical without pay for the game you too , is something that the DS is already available, the chance to play with another console without you the game. In this case you better use to share game information, and now with Wi - Fi connected can be updated player profiles and data from the last game played , including you can download content the console is closed.

Also include a way retro call Virtual Console, an emulator for Game Boy , Game Boy Color and Game I Advance. This is sure to excite anyone with a childhood marked by a Game Boy.

Your camera also has a new feature very interesting and fun , with a simple picture of a person be able to create one of the dolls Mii so curious that are on the Wii.

Nintendo 3DS

first titles will for Nintendo 3DS be from brands already established through new titles.

  1. Resident Evil : Revelation
  2. Resident Evil : Mercenaries
  3. Mega Man Legends 3
  4. Super Street Fighter 4
  5. Dead or Alive
  6. Super Monkeyball
  7. Ridge Racer
  8. Metal Gear Solid Snake Eater
  9. StarFox64 3D
  10. Steel Diver
  11. Paper Mario
  12. Nintendogs + Cats
  13. Mario Kart
  14. Pilot Wings Resort
  15. Paper Mario
  16. The Legend of Zelda : Ocarina of Time