A case that will turn your iPod touch into an iPhone

Let's ask a question that probably all know how to answer : What is the most important feature is the iPhone that does not have the iPod touch? Simple, phone calls. The rest, which is the ability to install applications that are in the App Store (unless you have jailbreak and will install what you sing ). But this now it is solved through a housing that has come with the ability to read your card SIM and also has a connector and a battery.

The case in question is called Apple Peel and was specifically designed to turn your iPod touch on a device with the ability send text messages and phone calls. Is the creation of the Chinese company Yoison Technology and will be launched in the United States through GoSolo. If you are in China and also in the United States know that it takes too long to fill the rest of the planet or sold through the internet , so do not worry about it.


Obviously the importance we are giving this release is very great . Whereas a case can turn your iPod touch into basically a phone and save you a few dollars resellers are that are mouthwatering . CEO GoSolo named Tyson Rohde Said that all they are asking for products tested to see if it works correctly.

In this case the user can talk for 5 hours and approximately another 120 on standby and while this is not reported through website GoSolo , it appears that for Apple Peel work, the iPod touch must be jailbroken .

The reality is that they always come out new ways to make jailbreak to portable Apple every time introduces a new operating system, the idea to do not like many people this will not be an option for them ( although we know that there is a large market for these gadgets axes). Best of all, it cost about $ 77, a bargain considering what it does.