The new iPad would arrive in June with mini USB

After presentation BlackBerry Playbook we get new information on what will be the main competitor of this product from RIM and they are preparing the rest of the companies: the new iPad Apple. While prior to the presentation of Playbook had emerged information suggesting that the launch of the new tablet Apple will launch during the first quarter of now recent reports Goldman Sachs indicate that this could not come until June.

According to report analysts that Goldman Sachs iPad 2G ( as is being called now) would have a screen 9.7-inch and be much lighter because it would have a profile much slimmer . Also in the specifications would include a more powerful processor , logic , and finally seems to have built the front camera so much was missing in iPad.


Another thing that criticized the first version of the iPad was that I did not have connection USB , which could be corrected with the arrival of the new device which would have a connector mini USB which would replace the typical connector 30-pin that has used Apple in recent years on their devices. Remember that long ago that the European Commission approved this item as charger Single for all mobile devices. But do not know whether the decision of Europe is sufficient to determine the design of a product or have two versions with type different connector as the continent where it is sold.

In any case , we stress as on the previous occasion emphasize that for the moment this is only hearsay, see if it finally reaches the beginning of 2011 or mid-year . Nor can we rule out any possibility and seeing the tendency lately manufacturers to present their products on launch , it would be too unrealistic to Apple submit the new iPad earlier year and this became available in June.

As the time of the confirmation arrives, if you like the products of apple company and have in your Focus buy the new tablet to launch, you can go through Unofficial where are giving opinions on how it should be the new iPad.