Confirmed : Star Wars in 3D in 2012

We had already Spot that George Lucas I wanted to spend the whole saga Star Wars format 3D to re- release them in theaters again, and continue to squeeze the adventures of the young Skywalker and company to make more money . Yesterday Lucasfilm announced officially future release.

In 2012 then you can see in principle Episode I: The Phantom Menace in cinemas 3D . Apparently the conversion is going to be quite careful as they say, would be provided by third parties but will be monitored by John Knoll effects supervisor special Industrial Light & Magic, Who said "not going to see how the conversions we've seen in the past”.

I'm not a big fan of going to see movies in 3D, but I'm told and have read in several places , the tapes not are made specifically in 3D but use of the conversion, as recent Clash of the Titans and The Last Airbender make use pretty mediocre of this technology . But like all things Lucasfilm, this is not going to do lightly , but there will be a painstaking technical and aestheticSays Knoll:

It requires a eye critical and artistic with an incredible attention to detail to succeed. It is not something that can be done in a hurry if you expect good results. For Star Wars We take our timeBy applying what we know both aesthetically and technically to bring the audience a great new experience Star Wars .

Very nice, but we did not have to re editions of 97 where the saga classic was retouched to add and change things that could not be done with existing technology upon them ? Conversions are made on these new versions, for the same reason explained for edition BlueRay. But luckily there will be no additions new this time , but if you take out the detestable Jar Jar Binks the second trilogy, I would not complain . Do we need that every time has a new technology Lucas fingered films and re- brand ? While it seems that man will spend its massive fortune (built in part through the franchise Star Wars) to good causesI think is too much recycling of something that is not needed.

Although I guess it good for future generations to enjoy this story on the big screenThis step onto the fashion 3D and is excessive , however , as they say, for new audiences to live that feeling of being in something spectacular that had the first back in 77. The films were very good at the time (well, Episodes I, II and II not so much, at least not compared to the saga original to my taste ) now leave them alone and better produce something new to thrill and captivate audiences , gentlemen. What do you think?