LiveView , a remote control for mobile

The mobile phone controlled by another wireless device. Sony Ericsson has unveiled LiveView. This accessory works with phones equipped with the operating system Android . It uses Bluetooth to connect to the phone without having to make this bag or pocket. In his small screen can read text messages , access to incoming calls and updates on social networks like Facebook or Twitter. Control the applications phone's music and can display your calendar or agenda. The device can be placed on a wrist strap and worn as a watch.


This is the first accessory Sony Ericsson compatible with the open platform Android allowing developers to create new applications. To find the ones already available , Sony has developed an application that searches the store Android . It goes on sale later this year .

The fixture is a square of 3.5 cm side with a thickness of 1.1 cm, side controls and the battery can last four days. The screen OLED is 1.3 inches .