How to start a call with FaceTime without having to make a phone call

FaceTime is the option that comes with the new iPhone 4 or iPod Touch 4G to make calls with voice and video using the front camera, but the iPod Touch unlike iPhone 4 , you can begin the call easily just enter the application FaceTime , and the iPhone 4 you must first make a phone call and then when you answer the user to activate FaceTime .

Well, I bring you a free application called FaceNow iPhone 4 that allows you to initiate calls with FaceTime without making first a phone call.

FaceNow is very simple to use , just create a favorites list where you have to add contacts from your address book , then just by touching the name of one of your favorites start a video call using protocol FaceTime without using the cell line.

This no doubt you can save money because at least here in Mexico call you the charge by the minute and not per second.

link in App Store Free