Encrypted texts gpg

We have tried already in Linux Zone the File Protection or of passwords from prying eyes. But sure there are with readers users who are used to store your passwords or text sensitive into text files , without further protection. Also they can protect those files simply, with a simple command in the terminal.

Of course , we want to protect, by password, . txt file called " secretos.txt . " To encrypt with gpg should write the following:.

gpg -c secretos.txt

We asked for a password again to confirm that password. If we list the directory where the text , we see that appears the file " secretos.txt "and another with the same name but with the extension . gpg, ie " secretos.txt.gpg . " We then delete the file checked ( secretos.txt ) leaving only the encrypted file .

To decrypt, we run:

gpg secretos.txt.gpg

And we will have available , again , our file original .