How to unclog a pipe ?

What are the different ways to unclog a pipe ? Follow our tips and you 'll know what to do to unclog your pipes without spending too much.

First it must be prevented to heal. This is our first tip: every day get rid you of coffee , not in the trash, but by emptying in your pipes.

By slowly marc will drain with him the many impurities from your pipes.

Even simpler: unclog your drains with boiling water you pour simply into the hole.

Third thing : buy a ferret. is a flexible upper provided with tip at its end as you rotate in space that is blocked. This clears the trash blockers .

Finally , you have a garden hose. By introducing the hose in your pipe. You then send the water and pressure hunting elements that block the pipeline.

What do you think about this stuff ? Give your opinion !

How to save?

Of all the tips we offer to unclog your pipeline. The most expensive will be the ferret

Otherwise, any other tips will cost you little or nothing.

Tip of the hose is used only by those who live in homes of course , but all who live in these conditions have one.

Total a tiny spending only to unclog your pipeline. Compared to what you would have spent on plumber or products unblocking .

So a great savings by using our tips . It's nice :-).

Environmental bonus ! If you use products openers , your pipes may suffer : all plumbers can confirm this.

And plus you have to a lot rinse , so you increase your water consumption.

But you saw that the tips of our grandmother are good old simple tricks that work and that will not harm or your pipes or the nature by harmful emissions .