How to clean a carpet ?

We can not change a carpet dirty every month ... this trick allows you to clean your carpet and your carpet. And give them their original colors. Like new !

I see you every day walking to and fro on the carpet in your home. If so , do not deny it : our office is in the building opposite.

So here is our tip for clean your carpet. Very simple and accessible to all.

First you'll sprinkle salt evenly over the surface of your carpet. Then brush carefully all the salt to do it well into the fibers.

Then , wait a good quarter of an hour to as salt act . You 've earned a break .

Then give a great blow to vacuum everything. And now , cleaning is finished. Your carpet is clean. You can see the result : the colors are brightened and you do not come back .

What do you think about this stuff ? Give your opinion !

How to save?

By carefully following our advice stingy , you saw how clean all your carpet and your carpet without too breaking your head .

No need to search the right product , to pass the supermarket with a magnifying glass to find the one that is most efficient to queue at the checkout ... and spend your $.

Clean full your carpet with special products you would certainly have asked to buy several cans of product. What would have cost you between ten and thirty euros.

And if you make multiple cleanings per year, which is normal , you approach the hundred $ in savings!

Environmental bonus ! Handle products super stain is a risk that you do not want to because you know they are not all safe for health. There are mostly composed of chemical elements very unsympathetic .

Salt is a natural product and is equally effective, see more, since it enhances colors.

You also know it takes more clean our house with anything, because these products are used then not only in our bodies , but also in nature . You 're absolutely right .