Add thumbnails of the application to Dock Mac OS X

HyperDock is an application for Mac OS X that will add a new section to System Preferences where you can set some visual improvements to the Dock on your Mac, improvements you can add are many, but I liked is that you can see a preview of the application window open with just move the cursor mouse over its icon in the Dock.

HyperDock for Mac

All improvements that adds HyperDock your Dock are:

  1. Preview windows applications
  2. Add new keyboard shortcuts very useful
  3. Easily manage your windows, resize, move them , etc .
  4. Move windows between
  5. Spaces with just a keyboard shortcut
  6. Control iTunes from your Dock
  7. displays quickly events iCal

By the time HyperDock is free because it is a version beta , but on the official site says that when comes out the final version , this itself will cost , so take advantage and download now for free .