Stealing PIN at an ATM (video )

In the following video you can see something similar but from the -camera hidden deviceThe tape was seized by the UK authorities. The interesting thing is that you can appreciate the clarity with which are recorded PINs entered on the keypad:


Some tips for using the ATM:

  1. Hides the keyboard when you enter the PIN ( as some people make in the video), note that the camera can be located anywhere.
  2. Controls that have not suspicious items in the card slot or keypad , if find something strange not you do operation looking for a police . It is very probable that the scammers are near the ATM machine to capture the information wirelessly or remove the skimmer if necessary.
  3. If you have trouble doing an operation beware of people offering help, especially if you 're in another country as a tourist.
  4. At the end of a transaction removed receipt from the cashier , usually indicate the amount of money in the account.
  5. Regularly check your statements and withdrawals .