Microsoft Outlook add-on for important notifications

Normally, most email clients have reported the arrival of new mail by sending a notice to an alternate account, thanks to a previous configuration. These programs make no distinction between those who are important and which not, which may cause the account to be overrun by spam emails, newsletters and other irrelevant. Solution? Outlook For Important complement Mail Alert.

Thanks to this free add-on is possible to specify exactly when we want to be notified. The program is installed automatically, and users can view an Outlook icon on the main screen itself.

The system allows the use of keywords, which may be searched in the title of the message and its content. This marks the biggest difference with the ground rules in Outlook, which only allow you to configure keywords that are found only in the subject line.

Alerts are displayed on the screen and the tab of the program simultaneously. Simply click on the setup icon to choose which mail accounts will be notified.

One of the advantages which we highlight in this add-on is that it works completely independently, which allows you to view emails that have been moved by Outlook rules. For example, those that have been removed for setting up an alternate email account that removes the server. It is compatible with Microsoft's Exchange Server, which enables reading of messages with one click.

Outlook users who want to be notified when certain issues, contents or senders are listed can download and install Important Mail Alert from the author's site.

It supports Outlook 2003, 2007 and Outlook 2010. Having two versions available for 32-bit or 64-bit. Also required to have installed version 2.0 of Microsoft. Net Framework.