Install Mac OS X Snow Leopard Server in VMware

Mac OS X 10.6, Snow Leopard, is licensed to run virtual instances on a Macintosh computer. VMware Fusion VMware is the version that runs on Macintosh computers and supports virtualization Mac OS X Server Snow Leopard. You can install Mac OS X Snow Leopard Server on VMware Fusion to take advantage of the benefits of server virtualization.


How to install Mac OS X Server Snow Leopard

Step 1. Insert the installation disk Mac OS X Snow Leopard Server to the drive.

Step 2. Open VMware and click Command and "N" Simultaneously to create a new virtual machine.

Step 3. Click "Apple Mac OS X" In "Operation System" and "Mac OS X Server 10.6 64-bit" In " Version). Click "Continue”

Step 4. Click "Finish" and then the Play button“.

Step 5. Click "Next".

Step 6. Click "Continue" and then"Agree".

Step 7. Click on the virtual hard drive, then click "Install.

Step 8. Click "Continue  twice, then restart the virtual machine.

Step 9. Enter optional information the user registration and click "Continue You can also press "Command  and "Q" Simultaneously to skip the user registration.

Step 10. Click to select the time zone and click "Continue"

Step 11. Enter an account name and password for the server, then click "Continue"

Step 12. Enter the IP network optional information and click "Continue". If the information is not complete, you can use to automatically configure the IP address.

Step 13. Enter a name for the server installation, then click "Continue"

Step 14. Click "Manually configure , then click"Continue" three times in the following screens.

Step 15. Click "Set Up" to create the initial configuration for the server installation.

Step 16. Finally, click "Go"To log on the server.