Problem with MagicJack

While the monetary benefits MagicJack are undisputed, its value does not protect the sensitive nature of electronic problems. When users can not connect to their computers, the options to solve problems ranging from simply switching the component again, to replace the device completely.

Check connection

Check your computer and network connections are not blocking the MagicJack. Work-issue computers or computers connected to a network of Workplace should have restrictions that can only be released by the team manager. Try to connect to another computer is not regulated by these limitations.

Solve MagicJack

Inspect your MagicJack to verify that the USB is not damaged. If your computer is not recognizing your MagicJack, unplug, wait 15 seconds and plug it back into the USB port. Try a different port on your computer, USB port could be the problem. If the computer still does not recognize the component, restart.

Product Support

The MagicJack support is available 24 hours a day. If you've checked your connection and you've gone step by step to solve the problem yourself and your MagicJack computer does not recognize, Contact the company for product support.

MagicJack Guarantees

MagicJack offers a guarantee on the purchase, and many other sellers offer guarantees of the stores. If MagicJack computer does not recognizeMay require need to be replaced.