How to upgrade BlackBerry 9300 operating system

Steps to upgrade the operating system BlackBerry 9300

Step 1. Visit BlackBerry pageSoftware Update”.

Step 2. Click on the "Check for Updates"Located at the bottom of the Web site. A box is displayed asking you to save the program.

Step 3. Click "Save File". The installer program is downloaded to your computer.

Step 4. Loading the installer when the program finishes downloading. This is installed automatically.

Step 5. Connect your 9300 Curve your computer after you install the program.

Step 6. Select your Curve drop-down list of resources. The program checks for updates.

Step 7. Choose "Get Updated"When prompted.

Step 8. Check the box next to "Data Backup"In the configuration screen of the download. This ensures that your settings remain after the upgrade.

Step 9. Finally, click "Install Update"To start updating your BB 9300.