New mobile data Kyocera Echo, Dual Screen

This new mobile phone, Though perhaps not known for its technical characteristics, it has gained public attention thanks to one key element: it has two screens. Because this element Kyocera Echo star has been quick to arouse the interest holders and users.

Its creators say that so far we've come to a screen, with which we can only do one thing at a time. But with Kyocera Echo

Who come to the telephone operator Sprint in the spring, we will be able to do two things at once, one on each screen.


For example, send an email to one of the two screens are surfing the Internet on the other, or write a message on the top and see a music video on the bottom. The possibilities are endless, and also discusses the options that will give us if we buy online. In this aspect we imagine that the overhead screen smartphone We can walk into a store, and the other below to compare prices.

The Kyocera Echo, that OS will Android Includes a display mode for each individual, multitask with applications and tablet mode for a total of 4.7-inch display.