The iControlpad turns your iPhone into a console

Users who have current tactile devices as iPhone iPad or insist that although the games are fun, at certain times they miss a more direct and traditional controls. The joysticks Virtual usually do not work as well as we would like, and there is always bitter aftertaste that can not enjoy games as possible.

There are few alternatives and solutions that are showing up lately, which now joins the iControlpad. This device iPhone e iPod Touch what it does is convert the Apple terminal consoles.


The iControlpad consists of three parts, base and two plates that fit over the sides of the device. It does not seem too stable and firm, but as yet has not been commercialized, is expected feedback from the U.S. to see if it really does work in conditions. At the base of the device will find a way of crosshead control directional, two analog sticks, buttons and the box of traditional handhelds.

For what is said can also be used with other devices like the Motorola Backflip, Optimus S LG, Blackberry and HTC Touch Dream. It costs around 50 euros, which is a bit excessive at all levels.